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HiP studio opened in the Shalford Social club in June 2014 with ‘The Cupboard’ (the name a nod to its previous life as a very blue cupboard full of junk).  The Cupboard is now a fully equipped Pilates studio, full of natural light.  Only the highest quality equipment and teaching is provided.  With the studio mantra of “it's only Pilates, don’t stress,” a fun environment where clients can reach their best potential has always been the aim.
After about a year and a half of operation and running with waiting lists that never decreased, the decision to expand the studio came to fruition.  A new room was created next door in August 2017 and ‘The Lounge’ was born.  This is a space for reformer classes, continuing all the same aims as The Cupboard.  There are four STOTT Pilates reformers with all the small equipment to increase the challenge further.  Along with a new booking system The Lounge means that HiP can accommodate more clients, whilst The Cupboard is still running for private sessions.



Come and enjoy a reformer class!  This is an amazing way to work every muscle in your body using the resistance of springs.  With only four people in each class, there will be modifications, regressions, progressions and adjustments so everyone will be working at full capacity but at their own level.  Class will be fun and informal but come ready to work.
Any new client who has not used a reformer before will be required to first have a 1:1 session in order to familiarise themselves with the equipment.


If you want the convenience of choosing your own session time, have an injury you need to rehab, have a particular fitness goal or adore all the large Pilates equipment, then private sessions are perfect for you.  These sessions make use of the Chair, Tower, Reformer and Barrels.

In these sessions you choose what you want to work and focus on and I will tailor a personal workout to your needs. These are available as a 1:1 or a 2:1.


Group mat classes are run upstairs, and small equipment is used to keep classes challenging and exciting.  All classes offer modifications to make them accessible for all.


Sharon Hibbin O'Brien

I am a fully certified Level 2 STOTT Pilates instructor. This means I am trained and have been examined to a high standard in Pilates method that is respected worldwide. I am able to teach to an advanced level in all the equipment (reformer, mat, cadillac, chairs, barrels and special populations).

I was lucky enough to be trained and mentored at the largest studio in Australia, Breathe Wellbeing.  Shortly after I joined their team of instructors I was teaching large groups, private and studio classes. In addition to this I have also taught at gyms including Virgin Active, boutique studios, dressage stables, tennis clubs and in the corporate environment.

I have a wealth of experience in Pilates personal training, including a large range of clients from Iron Men and Women and professional sports people to those with nagging back pain needing to improve their core strength. I also teach clinical Pilates for rehabilitation, including back and neck disc injuries, and shoulder and hip reconditioning. I can guide you through pre- and postnatal Pilates to help regain or maintain strength throughout a time when women experience huge changes in their bodies.

I love to improve people’s bodies and increase their understanding of how to continue in their sport, or simply how to get through each day without pain.

In August 2012 myself and my husband Scott returned from Australia to live back in Guildford. In August 2014 we added Isla to our family, which increased my interest in the pelvic floor to no end!  In 2018 we also welcomed Caleb to complete our family.

In addition to Pilates I enjoy getting my sweat on at level 2 yoga and horse riding in the Surrey Hills. I also enjoy golf and how thoracic rotation is essential to the perfect swing as well as the thrill of Aerial Hoop, which I am trained to teach at beginner and intermediate level.  My new love is ballet which I started at 20 weeks pregnant and so am just discovering. 



Queen's Hall, 8-10 Station Road Guildford United Kingdom GU4 8HB